Life is a multiplayer game

As a kid I would never play certain games on my PS3. When my friend Madison would come over, he would want to play Just Cause 2 (console game). As soon as he grabbed the controller for this single game, I would instantly want to play the game while he watched. The game was sizably more fun with him watching. Sharing laughs and experiences within the game created a much more enjoyable experience for me. It had so much utility as soon as he wanted to play it.

When I bought my BMW, having people drive with me in my car made me feel like a superhero. The BMW was so much fun when other people shared it with me. As soon as people left my BMW, it just became a regular car that brought me from place A-B. I never would speed in the car by myself. It became a Prius as soon as people left.

This theory of shared experiences is how I derive all my actions now that I have this perspective of life being a multiplayer game. Ray Dalio mentions a similar thesis in Principles when he says, "The money is good but the relationships are better."

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