Three predictions for the future...

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

These predictions are entirely from my own observations...

1. We are going to be the generation of anxiety. 700,000 years of being in nature and all of a sudden in the past 300 years we have completely drowned ourselves in artificial stimuli. Companies that anticipate this societal trend will profit.

2. Climate change will usher in a wave of growth for the hydroponics industry and the elimination of red meat from our food cycle. Eating meat will not be as popular and we will start to really make environmentally sustainable choices. GDP metrics will take a hit from our destruction. A loving animal will be a martyr to the cause when they go extinct.

3. AI will mess a ton of things up in the near future. The sector for venture funding in AI is overhyped. Wipe jobs off the map at scale, UBI initiatives will have to be thought through. We will not be prepared. 

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