End Game Simulation

If you have ever played a simulation game, you will find that starting with end game items, or rich coffers, can “destroy” the experience of the game. Imagine this... take a game like: Sims, Civ 5, GTA, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, etc - if you were to begin with all the items you would have eventually received at the end of the game (ie the best cars, the best houses, the best weapons) you would be ecstatic for a short while. Then what? What happens after you have all of that? Spoiler alert, you get incredibly bored after a few hours of playing. Very bored. Test it out. Use cheat codes to get end game items for new games that you purchase. The phenomena is fascinating. It seems, as humans, we have this innate desire to be fulfilled. By cheating the simulation, you feel that inner fulfillment muscle yearn for attention. We wonder why 36 of the top 50 wealthiest individuals are self-made... How is it possible to squander billions? How is it possible to not continue to multiply your wealth once you have it? The reason is simple, there is no greater curse than unfulfilled success. There is no will to live. There is no urgency. You get very bored with life. Imagine being born a billionaire and being forced to play in the “end-game” for the next 70 years of your life. They say that every cheeseburger tastes the same after your first million in the bank. Brooke and I would argue that we would rather be poor and painstakingly earn our wealth throughout our life-times than inherit any sum of money that would constitute “end game.” The difference between life and a simulation game is that I can restart the simulation game at any point and re-experience what it is like to start from scratch. End-gamers cannot do this, they yearn to have what we have; youth and the experience of making the money all over again.

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