Bad Cinema Should Be Punishable

The influence that a powerful movie can have is unmeasurable. No matter how poor or rich you are - people make it to the theaters and these culture shaping pieces of art influence us. This critic, in the context of bad cinema being punishable only applies to kids movies.

When I was younger I recall watching Shrek and Ice Age many times over. Sitting on the carpet of small single bed room apartment, I learned so much from these movies. They shaped my understanding of comedy and molded my ability to story telling. Some may argue that our understanding of whats right and wrong was reinforced by cinema at a young age. Even our reference for what love looks and feels like being derived from the classic Disney and Pixar movies. A bad kids movie can act like a poison to the mind and with that - can have an immense effect that one cannot measure. (five minute video here that everyone should watch)

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