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RapidFire Magazines
RapidFire Magazines LLC
Founder (Exit)

Patented a new type of ammunition cartridge primarily used in airsoft. I no longer operate RapidFire as I exited 2017.

Octium Loans
Octium Holding Group LLC 
2017-2018​ (Offline)

Attempted to launch the worlds first cryptocurrency credit platform in the fall of 2017 with the ambition of setting a credit standard in the blockchain ecosystem.

Skippit Inc.
Co-founder and CEO

Skippit Inc. has now pivoted to a TikTok like dating experience.

Marc Baghadjian

Marc Baghadjian

Serial Entrepreneur
International Fencer
Babson Class of 2021
Marc Baghadian


How it all started

I immigrated to the US, from Lebanon, when I was four. Living in Greenwich, CT, and seeing the fruits that capitalism bore propelled me to work hard and dream harder. I have worked on many projects, competed internationally for Lebanon's fencing team, and began my attendance at Babson College.


Feel free to connect with me over email or LinkedIn. Maybe I could be of assistance? I am always willing to meet new people!



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Marc Baghadjian
Marc Baghadjian
Mac Baghadjian
Marc Baghadjian & Michael Ioffe



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Marc Baghadjian

Phone: 845-544-0414


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